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Announcing the Unlimited Flight Club for Private Pilot and instrument students. Pay one price for unlimited simulator time until your check ride!

Only $999!

Aerial Engagement is the place for professional flight instructors and proficient pilots

We are not a flight school. We do not own aircraft.

We are a professional flight simulation venue, open to the public.

Whether you are a certificated pilot who wants to log approaches for instrument currency, a CFI looking for a place to teach, or someone looking for her first experience in aviation, we invite you to rent time on one of our FAA certificated flight simulators.

Anybody can fly here, whether or not you have a pilot certificate!

Ours is a particularly valuable resource for independent CFIs. Aerial Engagement is open and available to any instructor who desires to use our simulators for teaching. We can offer steam gauge or glass cockpits (Garmin G1000 NXi) in our sims. CFIs can teach from an instructor operating station and communicate through real aviation headsets, or alongside students in the same room as the simulator.

This is a public resource, designed with the general aviation pilot and independent CFI in mind!

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Southwest Aviation Insurance

We provide insurance services for:

  • Fixed and Rotor Wing Turbine & Piston Aircraft
  • Privately Owned or Commercial Use Aircraft
  • Flight Schools
  • Corporate Fleets
  • Airports and Hangars
  • Fixed Base Operator

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